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A Smoother Drive for Your Automotive Customers

Your customers are, of course, the fuel that drives your dealership. Our suite of products can help you boost revenue and care for your customers, encouraging them to not only recommend you to their friends but also to return to you for their next vehicle purchase.


The Boostmap™ Revenue System is a custom-designed MAP integrating Menu with state-of-the-art Analytics and a Playbook that uncovers untapped revenue, captures opportunities and enhances the customer experience at your dealership. All three components of The BoostmapTM Revenue System are equally important, and together they deliver the results.

Loan Armour
For customers financing through you, we offer credit insurance so they don’t miss payments when life throws them a curve in the road. Following our philosophy of putting your customers first, we offer the following insurance coverages: life, critical illness, total disability, accidental disability, and involuntary loss of employment.

credit insurance


Vehicle Armour

Why would your customers want their lives interrupted by pesky expenses  related to maintaining the appearance of their vehicle?

They wouldn’t. That’s why we offer a range of affordable, flexible products that underscore our approach to you: We put your customers first by offering a range of products that are affordable and suitable for the Canadian market.



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