Credit Insurance for Your Customers

We always hope that life will play out as we dream it will, but we know that doesn’t always happen. Part of your customer’s financial plan is a solid insurance plan, and Loan Armour can fortify your customer’s financial plan to help guard them against any attacks life might bring on.

Our credit coverage, for example, helps your customers retain their current lifestyle when an unexpected turn of events forces them to batten down the hatches while they recover. Loan payments don’t stop, and with our Lifestyle Credit Coverage, your customers’ payments won’t either.

Here’s our full list of insurance products. You’ll see that we cover everything necessary to make sure your customers can focus on the emergency at hand without falling into debt:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Total disability insurance
  • Accidental disability advantage insurance
  • Accidental disability insurance

Your customers work hard to afford their quality of life. But if life catapults them into frightening territory—sudden death, illness, injury, or loss of employment—having an affordable, accessible insurance plan in place can mean the world to them.

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to learn about your business and how Loan Armour can help you better serve your customers and offer them peace of mind.


Boostmap Revenue System

Your customers are, of course, the fuel that drives your dealership. Our suite of products can help you boost revenue and care for your customers, encouraging them to not only recommend you to their friends but also to return to you for their next vehicle purchase.



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