Resolving customer complaints is important to us and is vital to providing exceptional customer service. In all cases where a complaint is directed to us, complainants will be treated fairly, sensitively and respectfully. Complaints will be reviewed confidentially and in a timely manner. It is our belief that reporting a complaint should not be difficult, thus we endeavor to resolve complaints at the first point of contact. 

If a complaint or concern cannot be resolved by the initial representative, the process below will be followed: 

1. The complaint will be reviewed by a more senior staff member such as a manager or senior personnel. 

2. If the complaint remains unresolved, the complaint will be further escalated to the appropriate management representative (as indicated below) where it will be reviewed. 

A complaint regarding a non-claim issue is escalated to Senior Managment. 

If the complaint cannot be, or has not been, satisfactorily resolved the complaint will be further escalated to the Ombudsperson at the Insurer. 

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