prioritizing your peace of mind

Sometimes your customers simply can’t make lemonade from those lemons life just pummelled them with. Unexpected death, injury, or job loss can sour life enough that the last thing your customers need to worry about is how to pay the bills.

That’s where we come in.

Premium Services Group administers some of the industry’s most comprehensive and competitive credit insurance programs on behalf of leading Canadian insurers. Our programs are simple, our claims process straightforward, and our coverage affordable for your customers. We offer life, critical illness disability, and involuntary unemployment insurance.

But what puts us ahead of our competitors is that we place your customers first. In other words, everything we do, we do it to benefit your customers.

People buy on credit for many reasons. Opening a home business can lead to building a backyard office. Those can easily cost $40,000 or more. Or perhaps a family wants to enjoy RVing together while everyone still lives at home. A new RV can easily surpass $120,000.

But when #LifeHappens, as they say, and illness or a job loss or even death unexpectedly occurs, the bills still have to be paid.

That’s why we’ve designed our products to help your customers through their hard times, when they’re focused on putting their lives back together.
We operate Canada-wide, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Our head office is in London, Ontario. When your customers call us, they’re calling a Canadian company.

And so are you: call us. Tell us about your customers, and we’ll tell you how our insurance products can help you help your customers maybe even enjoy that glass of lemonade.




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