Six tips for a smoother virtual turnover

Virtual turnover

Research shows now that the majority of automotive customers want the option of a virtual turnover. They may come into the dealership initially to view and select the car, and they’ll come in to pick it up, but in a recent JM&A survey, 80% of respondents said they preferred the virtual turnover experience over completing […]

Eight reasons to use a menu to present sales offers

How to present sales offers

Humans are hard-wired to want choices. Fries or mash? Do the dishes or the laundry? Meet at 1:30 or 2:30? Whether for pleasure or purpose, we like to have some say in what we do. It all comes down to control: As cave dwellers, we learned to associate choice with survival. The need to maintain […]

Four steps to boosting F & I revenue

boost F&I

Introducing the new Armour Group blog, where each month we’ll share useful information that will help you drive the performance of your dealership. To kick things off, we’re covering the 4 steps that are practically guaranteed to boost F&I revenue. Strengthen these 4 pillars — the button-up, the menu, your use of visuals, and using […]



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